It’s nice to think that computers are nice and neat and free of clutter. But for those of us who stare at computer screens for the vast majority of our waking hours (that includes those ever-present smart phone screens), clutter creeps in everywhere. This digital clutter distracts us. It clouds our minds. It keeps us from focusing on the actual task at hand. And more than anything, it is downright annoying. 

Here are three Simplified actions you can take to eliminate the secret digital clutter in your life - click on each one for a how-to video:

1) Open a browser with a blank page. 
2) Turn off notifications for just about everything.
3) Use an app to clear out the secret clutter on your Mac.

This clutter is hiding in plain sight. It is your choice whether or not to see it. Once you choose to see it, it only takes a minute to get rid of it. 

Clear out the clutter today.
Start the new year fresh.