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Top 11 Simplified Tools


Top 11 Simplified Tools

My Top 11 Tools To Help Clear Your Mind & Banish Digital Clutter

Serenity. That’s what we all want, right?
Here are my top tools to help get you there: 

1. The Paperless Document Organization Guide is a fabulous, clear guide by Brooks Duncan that tells you step-by-step about how to organize and find your electronic documents. It’s an eBook and a series of videos. I highly recommend it!

2. If you haven’t already signed up for an Evernote account— do it now via this link! You will get a free month of Evernote Premium (new users only).

3. Evernote Essentials is a fabulous eBook by Brett Kelly that will jumpstart your knowledge of the best digital organization tool out there.

4. My favorite scanner is the Canon P215II, currently available from Amazon for $239. I also recommend getting the carrying case, if you don’t want it out on your desk all the time. 

5. Another fabulous scanner is the Fujitsu ScanSnapMany people like this one more than the Canon, but the differences are negligible. It is currently available from Amazon for $252.

6. You need a password manager. It is a *must* for the digital world today. The best one out there is 1Password. No question. Buy it. Use it. Love it. 

7. Make sure to buy 1Password for your mobile devices too (it is a separate purchase).

8. BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP. Here is an external drive I recommend:Seagate for MacSeagate for PC.

9. For an online backup that runs in the background, I highly recommendCrashPlan. It is a mere $5/month for a service that could save all of your photos and files. To also automatically backup your iPhone and iPad, there is CrashPlan mobile.

10. To get rid of unwanted catalogs, magazines and junk mail in a snap, download PaperKarma.

11. Schedule a one-on-one session with me to bring serenity to your world!