Keeping a clean desktop gives your mind clear space to think while working on your computer. It’s a beautiful feeling, I promise. And not too hard to maintain. Here are my tips on how to quickly clean up a cluttered desktop on a Mac: 

    1.    Open a new Finder window.
    2.    Select Desktop.
    3.    Make sure you are viewing the items in list view.
    4.    Sort items by date modified.
    5.    Select the oldest item.*
    6.    Hit the space bar to preview the item (eliminates the needs to open various applications).
    7.    Decide what you want to do with it, then hit the space bar again to close the preview.
    8.    To delete it, just hit COMMAND+DELETE.
    9.    If you want to keep it, move it to the proper location. 

Voilà! An uncluttered desktop and a clear mind. It’s a beautiful thing. 

Watch this video to see it in action

*Starting with the oldest item is a great tip for all kinds of decluttering. Whether it’s emails, downloads or piles of paper, older items are naturally less meaningful than other items. Less meaningful things are easier to get rid of. And then once you get the decluttering ball rolling, it’s marvelously easy to go through the newer stuff.

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