Lilli was fantastic! In terms of my digital space, Lilli provided invaluable insight into the current system I was using and how it was impeding my organization and subsequent productivity. She brought me to the realization that systems I had in place to manage my volumes of received emails was not efficient. In fact, it actually led to more work for myself. A simple change of using the archive system has taken “organize my inbox” off of my task list. A huge relief!
The lasting impact has been that I am feeling more in control of my digital space and it is far less cluttered. The absence of a jammed packed inbox has lightened both my physical and psychological workload.

I appreciated Lilli’s work process. Through our comfortable conversation we were able to authentically uncover the problem to be solved. I couldn’t have imagined how a small change could make such a huge impact on my workday and work life. Lilli was a treat to work with and I would recommend her to colleagues.

– Ellen Greengrass