In addition to the practical advice Lilli gave me on different organizational techniques, I also walked away with a deeper understanding of how anxiety about my workload can make getting things done all the more challenging.  I have a tendency to try and make many changes all at once and Lilli reminded me that the best way to make changes that will stick is to introduce one thing at a time.  She encouraged me to set up a weekly check-in during which I would disconnect from the internet and phone to focus on what is happening at work and what needs to get done the next day.  Lilli also suggested making it a routine that I enjoyed — maybe while I have a good cup of coffee or glass of wine, etc. — so that it was something I look forward to doing.  It ends up being a peaceful 30 minutes or so that allows me to much more effective at work.
I feel much more in control at work and at peace with all that has to happen having the confidence in the way I’m working.  It’s a relief to be able to focus on what I’m doing, knowing that I’m on top of the stuff to come.

– Laura Desmond